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Who We Are.

We are a diverse group of Thinkers, Developers, Designers, Caregivers, and Researchers who bring a deep understanding of caregiving together with an appreciation for how technology can help us do better.

We would like to thank all those who helped make Flower possible:

Shawna K., Mat T., Skye S., Katja O., Julianna L., Jenn D., Sara H., Tom B., Cory O., Jen O., Adam G., Bill M., Alex G., Robin H., Natalia O., Kristina R., Aleks K., Kathleen C., Daniel T., Carl C., Sara K., Denise P., other Bill M., Christa D., Brian D., Sharyn T., David T., Pat D., Clarke G., Ben Y., Karine A-S., Agnieszka C., Tim W., Chris U., Brendan S., Dan S., Eric P., Robin A., Maya A., Lauren M., Diana R., Sarah S., Frank T., Ramona S., Arianna S., London S., Shari D., Craig S., Sora S., Dean B., Andre B., Stephanie D., Chris C., Reinier N., Mike P., Patrick T., Tori H., Matt H., Danielle S., Allyson K., Everett H., Mark G., Ryan H., Morgan Q., Janet S., Kathy K., Jeff K., Josh N., Heike B., Friedel B., Jean Q.M., Raymond M., Janet M., Sally P., John T., our amazing anonymous friends and investors, all those who help shape Flower by sharing their stories with us, anyone else we’ve unwittingly forgotten …and of course, Julianna T.

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