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The Resilient

Exploring the human quality of resilience through podcast interviews. Aleks Krotoski, host.

Taylor Glenn: Comedienne, Writer and Flailing Mother

In this episode of The Resilient, Aleks talks with Taylor Glenn about how getting what you wish for may be the worst thing in the world.

Kelsey Crowe - The Resilient Podcast

Dr Kelsey Crowe, part 2: The Grief Contract

In a revealing and intimate conversation, Kelsey and Aleks dive into the moment Kelsey realised the griever’s role in a crisis period, and what that means for personal resilience. It’s not what you might think.

Kelsey Crowe - The Resilient Podcast

Dr Kelsey Crowe: Professional Empathizer

Dr. Kelsey Crowe is a professional empathizer: she knows exactly what to say and do when things go awful for someone she knows. In this first part of our two-episode special, Kelsey condenses the findings of a decade of research with hundreds of grieving people. Powerful, practical and – naturally – sympathetic – she describes the empathizer’s role in the social contract of grief.

Toni Meyers: Transformer

Toni is the personification of the Theory of Possible Selves, which says we put on and take off aspects and identities all the time and we keep what fits and discard what doesn’t. But when you move all the time, that chorus is constantly changing. How do you build a community that can give you feedback meaningful enough to influence who you are? Read more…

Liz Johnson - Paralympics Gold Medal Winner

Liz Johnson: Paralympics Swimmer

Team GB champion Liz Johnson didn’t swim a single stroke from the day she qualified for the Paralympic Games and the day she stood on the starting block in 2008 in Beijing. Read more…

First-Time Dad Josh Kennedy in a new podcast.

Josh Kennedy: First-Time Dad

First-time Dad Josh Kennedy discovers superpowers he never knew he had. Read more…

Ben Saunders: Antarctic Explorer

Ben Saunders: Arctic Explorer

What happens when you reach the ultimate goal, but the world continues around you as if nothing’s happened? Read more…

Dr. Sue Black: Fairy Tale Ending

Dr. Sue Black has had a remarkable year. But it wasn’t until she and I had a conversation that I discovered that her story was anything but a fairy tale. Read more…

Alua Arthur: Death Doula

A serendipitous meeting with a woman on a bus inspired attorney Alua Arthur to redirect her life in the direction of death and dying. Read more…