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Because Life Happens

Taylor Glenn: Comedienne, Writer and Flailing Mother

In this episode of The Resilient, we’re going to hear how getting what you wish for may be the worst thing in the world.

Taylor Glenn originally trained as a psychotherapist in New York City, but over a decade ago, she jumped the Atlantic for a new life and a new career in the UK. After winning her first stand-up competition (surprise!), and winning plaudits and awards across the country, she and her husband decided it was the right time to start a family.

Taylor wasn’t a novice to the motherhood lark: as she herself admits, she was the creepy person at parties who’d borrow the newborn and refuse to give it back. But, when she tried the shoes on herself, she found they didn’t fit.

After the birth of her daughter, she descended into the deep, dark hole of Post-Natal Depression. This is the story of how she managed – through personal resilience and the support of “her people” – to crawl her way out again.

Listen to Taylor’s story:


The Resilient is a podcast about powerful people, like you and me. It’s an eavesdrop session on their toughest times, and what they’ve done since then. It’s about life transitions, difficult decisions and unexpected twists and turns. Because life happens. It’s brought to you by Flower.io and is produced and presented by Dr Aleks Krotoski and Pillowfort Productions. It is mixed by Katie McMurran.

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