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Meet the folks behind Flower

Finding Meaning with Flower

When I first started college I thought I would become a doctor. I majored in physics and chemistry, and I had great plans one summer to spend all my time studying for the MCAT and getting ready to apply to med school. However, my roommate was heavily into computer science and game design, and I was intrigued. Instead of studying for the MCAT I ended up teaching myself programming and how to get around a linux console. And I was hooked.

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Things you might not have seen. But should.

Mat’s Story

We all have moments of stress, and sometimes those moments can grow to seem overwhelming. How we manage those moments can sometimes tear us apart, or if we’re lucky, bring us closer together.

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Where Color and Shapes are Playful

Hi. I’m Skye.

I am a designer who has worked in the advertising, fashion, and outdoor industries.

I met Palmer and Jean, founders of Dogpatch Tech, through a friend who had engaged me to develop an app. To my surprise, Palmer and Jean needed a designer and we began working together to develop a number of early iterations of an app that we now call “Flower”.

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Lessons from “World of Warcraft”

When Dogpatch Tech first approached me about doing user research to help them build an amazing mobile application for community support, I thought, “That sounds like something that people could really use, but most of my research looks at people and gaming; what do I know about finding support among friends and family?”

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Jean Truelson for FlowerApp

Introducing Flower.io…Because Life Happens.

Every once in a great while, if you’re lucky, you get this moment where you know, in your heart, in every cell of your body that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and doing what you are supposed to do. Whatever your belief system is, if you’ve experienced this, you know what I’m talking about. Some people call it finding flow. And it’s not always a happy moment in life. But above all, it’s a peaceful moment.

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