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Flower is Here! Join Us.

Flower App is now available in iTunes.

We are proud to announce Flower!

If you made it this far, you’ve probably read about it or one of us has spouted enthusiastically about the hopes and dreams we have for Flower to help a lot of people.

Heh, so this is a first version of those hopes and dreams.

We built Flower to make it easy for everyone to give help and get help when it’s needed, because life happens when you least expect it. There have been many moments in my life where people have said to me, “how can I help?” And many more times where I have asked that same thing.

When we ask that question, we put the onus back on the person who needs help and sometimes when you really need help you don’t have any easy answer. You don’t know where to start even when help is offered. Through our own experience and through extensive user research, we realized this was an unsolved and important problem.

Today you will be able to download Flower from the Apple iTunes App Store and try it yourself!

In other words, help us make Flower better! If you download Flower now you will automatically be my friend — so send me a Flower and tell me about how Flower has helped you or how you want Flower improved. You can also click on What’s Bugging You? in the app and write our team with any issues you may run into.

If you are interested in learning more about how this all started, go here and here.

Thank you for helping us change how we take care of each other.


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